What is this book about?

I wanted to write a book that a reader would find to be both actionable and enjoyable to read.  The road to becoming a great leader (which I am still on) is a difficult one.  It can be lonely, daunting, and filled with failure.  Often we can become so frustrated that we lose faith in our own abilities and potential.  However, just like most things, if we spend the time to hone our skill, to learn and to grow we can also create a leadership experience that can be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.  We can make a positive difference in our work, in our homes and in our communities.

“Just a Little Better” is written in a way that allows the reader to apply concepts almost immediately.  I wrote this from the perspective of a fellow growing leader.  Leadership is a journey and one that I have been on for many years; I believe my experiences as well as well as the strong academic research I have conducted will provide the type of information and insight that you can use today.

The concepts presented support the idea that all long term success and growth begins and is fueled by small, incremental steps repeated and committed to over a period of time.  Becoming great at something does not happen overnight and this same rule applies to leadership.  “Just a little better” helps to support that process by getting each of us a little closer to where we want to be every day.

Primary Concepts:

Based on my research and experience I have found that there are three primary components that comprise the building blocks of exceptional leadership.  These are in the areas of Spiritual Understanding, Mental Growth, and Physical Balance.  The book delves into each of these areas and speaks in practical terms that any nearly any leader can benefit from, and can do so quickly.

My Official Sounding Bio:

Dr. Cohen has been a telecommunications executive for nearly two decades and has held senior level leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, including Charter Communications, Comcast, United Healthcare, T-Mobile, and Dish Network. Dr. Cohen is also a Professor of Leadership and Professional Studies at Southeastern University at Celebration Church.

Beyond his business and teaching experience, Dr. Cohen has been a lifetime learner, most recently graduating from Piedmont International University with a PhD in Leadership, in 2016. In addition to his PhD, Dr. Cohen possess a Master’s degree in Management, a BA in Business Communications, and an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice.

A third generation military member, Dr. Cohen is an Air Force Desert Storm era veteran. During his time in the service he supported nuclear and conventional weapon security in the US and Middle East as a member of Air Force Security Forces.

Dr. Cohen believes leadership is based on science, art, and unique God given gifts and he has studied leadership and its principles throughout his professional and academic pursuits. He has spent several years learning and applying the specialty of Leadership and recently completed a dissertation entitled “Singularity of Thought: A Correlative Study of the Mindfulness of Senior Telecommunication Executives and their Perceived Leadership Style,” where he explored the influence of mindfulness on a leader’s style and effectiveness.

Dr. Cohen lives in Round Rock, TX with his wife Tracy, son Noah (4 years old) and Miles (11 months old.) He also has a talented 21-year-old son Matthew who is currently continuing the service tradition as a proud member of the US Navy.

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I do a handful of events per year.  I have a great day job but also love sharing the message on self-improvement, leadership development and balance.  Let me know if I can help you or your organization.

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